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Freedom, dom, DOM!

What a great suffix!

If something has the suffix -dom, it usually means that is to do with a domain – under some kind of jurisdiction – like a kingdom, fiefdom… superstardom?

It’s like a state of being: boredom, bachelordom, martyrdom…


But as for freedom – it’s like kingdom – except you are free! Maybe this should be the United Freedom… 

I could get sidetracked back into the whirlpool of free will and determinism, but I think we concluded that whether or not we are free, the world goes round more positively for everyone if we think that we do have free will. And I do think we do have free will and therefore some measure of freedom. Unless we are oppressed by external forces.

Like Winston Smith. He figured that:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.

He thought that “they” couldn’t suppress his thoughts, will and desires. In the world of “1984” he was wrong.

But even with my sketchy grasp of numeracy, I think that mathematical logic adds up – and we are free, at least within the confines of our minds.

I posted on freedom before. Here’s the link.




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3 thoughts on “Freedom, dom, DOM!

  1. I like the word fiefdom I don’t like the word serfdom I like the word kingdom and I like the way you choose your words.

  2. There’s another great ‘dom’ worthy of mention when celebrating freedom: DOM Perignon!! 😀

  3. I like the way you offer us words to TASTE. 🙂

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