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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

The daily post asked, “If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?”

I really don’t want anything else  (especially because yesterday I bought new running shoes). The only thing that comes to mind is a bike. 

I’d like a bike because it would be good exercise, is totally eco-friendly and is faster than running.

On the downside, I would be scared of traffic, my thigh muscles would most likely explode, and I probably wouldn’t use it as I am never going anywhere on my own. And I don’t see me investing in any kind of side-car-for-three.

So I might as well stick with the running shoes and set about psyching up to go running.



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2 thoughts on “I Want To Ride My Bicycle

  1. A good no nonsense approach to life. I heartily agree, biking around my neck of the woods is no picnic either, so I stick to my 50 minute walking routine. Easier on the knees and hips.

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