Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure


There is a dead bird on our driveway. I think its last thought was, “I hope that’s not a window.” It was. The bird is now lying there looking pretty perfect and completely dead.

Pane in the neck?

Since my recent bird feeding obsession has begun I am looking out of our windows much more often: sometimes through some toy binoculars, at our beast of a birdfeeder. I cannot believe how much seed the bandit rascals are going through. Turn my back for a second – szhum! All gone.

The bird mafia mark it up and sell it on, I reckon.



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4 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Be careful, bird feeding and watching can be highly addictive. I know quite a few who fell under the spell of our avian friends. My best friend gets yelled at by her birds if she’s late feeding them. They circle around her chirping away, it’s very comical.

  2. Sad event; funny post 🙂

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