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Do You Need Another Social Network?

Are you kidding? Really not.

My Myspace “died” years ago – but I am glad I can still access my old blog in emergencies.

Facebook is good – and very practical for arranging all sorts of things in real life. It is just tricky when people aren’t on it – and you have to…. I dunno…. like, phone them? Which I “can’t” do. So I have to drive over to their house and put, like, physical bits of paper through their door… Or see them in real life…

However – I envy, in some respects those who have not succumbed to facebook – and I will defend their right to hold onto the phone and email, obsolete as they are, just about.

Luckily I have a real life, where I do see people – and lots of them.

Twitter is very much “the way forward” – as it unifies everything. I love it. Your own personal news stream, tweets that link you to links you find interesting. The democratisation of the world. A levelling of all things and all people.

It is a totally profound revolution. I don’t know why microblogging isn’t bigger news than it is.

As for WordPress – it’s a positive place to be. And I can link it with fb and twitter. Bonus

Another social network would mean that it took me EVEN LONGER to “check my phone”  – and I am socially stunted enough in real life without prolonging that palaver.



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7 thoughts on “Do You Need Another Social Network?

  1. I still don’t get twitter but I have to confess I choose not to get it. For me it’s phone, in person or e-mail. Love my wordpress.

  2. I use FB every couple of days; Twitter to publicise my blog; that’s about it. Blogging is all I need 🙂

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  4. I’m not quite sure by what obscure cyber-process my blog’s post became a comment on your blog, but it is appropriate. I was just coming here to give you credit for my own meanderings. This is the second post in recent weeks which you have inspired. A higher compliment I cannot give — even though you may argue it’s not all that high.

    Thank you.

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