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Aisle or Window?


It is easier to trap the children in at the window so they can’t escape and go shuttle running up and down the plane. They may be momentarily occupied with the view out of the window – until it is too bright or just sky as far as the eye can see.

Once they’re asleep, I am free to shuttle run up and down the plane.

With ease, I can make my strategic excursion to the toilet without having to join a queue.

Also, if I am on the aisle, I can’t be trapped in by a randomer. Not that I’d mind talking to someone random – but if they fell asleep, I would feel trapped.

And it’s claustrophobic enough up there, with the dread of a sudden shift to a vertigo and agoraphobia if it all goes wrong.


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4 thoughts on “Aisle or Window?

  1. I love it, we parents, like minded in caged in situations surrounded by hostile others who don’t appreciate the wonder that is our children. Don’t you just love the looks you get when you board a plane with little ones. My days of those looks are long past. But you don’t forget.

  2. When I first started flying I loved the window so I could marvel at the Earth from the air. A 24h flight to NZ cured me of that; the ability to get to the loo became more important than aerial vistas!

    I have managed to avoid getting on a plane with a child since #1 was 3 months old. Maybe next year (eeeeeeek at the thought).

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