Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Our Glass

O Laureate, Laureate – make us a poem:

Sing us a song of our time.

Catch the grains as they drop;

Collect them ; Protect them.

They matter- Oh, too much to shatter


Our Glass.


Is half full

But waning

And draining the minutes away.




It is the night before the first real day of the school holidays. All around Scotland families are wondering what to do with the next seven weeks. The weather is looking pretty… wet. And all around the world is political unrest and geological instability.


Look through the glass:


The past

Forms a soft and pretty pile.

The future is shaped, poised to plummet

Down and down

Moment by moment.


And now –


Our Glass puts her hands on her hips,

Nips in her waist.

One at a time, please.

It’s a bit of a squeeze.


Now is a narrow channel.

Two grains wide.


Become events,

Or regrets.

Occurrences occur;

Omissions are omitted.


Our Glass keeps on,

Seeps on.


The future shrinks.

She thinks –

And Our Glass

Runs out.


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3 thoughts on “Our Glass

  1. I really like the imagery, very strong yet subtle. The lilting tune in my mind is gentle and soothing.

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