Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Broon In Troon? Eh, naw.

Sunbathing in Troon

So, it isnae very likely
We’ll git ony tan the day –
But we’ll gie it a go ne’ertheless:
Gie the sun the time a day.

Ahm aw set up, fair chuffed am ur
Ahve goat everything Ah need:
Ahve my Irn Bru, some minstrels
And some prawns between some bried.

Wur oan the grass doon by the lavvys
Mindful o wur feet.
Ahve scanned fur dog poo:
I widnae want tae staun in it an greet.

Mair important still for sunbathing
In Scotland in mid June:
Ahve goat ma Rohan jacket,
Ma ASDA deckchair and I’ll soon

Have up ma perr a ASDA tents
Ah goat fur a fiver each!
Whit better way tae spend the day
Than wi the church doon at Troon beach!


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2 thoughts on “Broon In Troon? Eh, naw.

  1. Rickster on said:


    Surely it should have been “kirk” in keeping with the tone of the poem?

    I like it though!

  2. Aye I thought o that but ah widnae actually say that, so ah Didnae put it in.
    Ony mair constructive criticism aye welcome.

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