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The Great and Glorious Scottish Summer

For the moderately harrassed, I recommend:

1. Spend a day at Culzean, ending up at the beach.

2. Spend a day at Heads of Ayr Farm Park.

3. Have a haggis supper.

4. Sit in the garden being glad you bought garden furniture.

5. Watch Wimbledon and eat strawberries.

6. Re-read “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café” in the sunshine

7. Climb a Munro.

8. Go to St Andrews.

9. See friends

10. Back-to-school-shopping.


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6 thoughts on “The Great and Glorious Scottish Summer

  1. I visited Scotland once 23 years ago, a grand country. Your list put a smile on my face because it made me want to go back, sometime in the future. I really enjoyed being in your country and you and your countrymen are really lovely.

  2. St Andrews every time!

  3. Rickster on said:

    When did you last do number 7? (feeling slightly smug as I did it twice on Monday)

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