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Fish Curry and The God of Small Things

In “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy on page 79, we are told about Velutha’s house:

“His house (on a good day) smelled of fresh wood shavings and the sun. Of red fish curry cooked with black tamarind. The best fish curry, according to Estha, in the whole world.”

So tonight my friend and I attempted to make such a curry. Limited success, I must confess.

We had some ingredients, right enough  – but not ALL of those I should perhaps have purchased in advance. Chilli powder a notable omission…

If you’ve read the book, the less said about the drinks the better…

Here’s the salmon resting on the curry leaves in the karhai;

This is the ingredients we DID have turning into gravy;

sizzle sizzle;

And there you go… the “best curry (according to Estha) in the whole world”…

So, that’s “The God of Small Things” done.

Are there any other novels with great food I should be attempting to re-create?


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4 thoughts on “Fish Curry and The God of Small Things

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  2. That looks delicious and I bet the kitchen smelled lovely, making your own curry is ambitious and I applaud you. Nice photos.

  3. Great night. I am looking forward to Monday!! With my questions at the ready, and the taste of the best curry ever still lingering, I am ready for Radio 4!

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