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Getting Into Hot Water

Do I believe in global warming? Absolutely – although for us it won’t result in things getting warmer. For the last two winters, the Gulf Stream has got confused and the winter has been long, dry and hard. I think the theory is that as the Arctic ice melts, it cools the Atlantic. That then messes with the Gulf Stream and we become as chilled as other places on our latitude like Russia and Canada.

Even as the most scientifically ignorant observer, I can see that the weather has gone haywire. Freak weather events are barely freak weather events any more.

I do think, though, that maybe it is just that the earth is on some climatic gyre.  Since its creation, the world has been different temperatures. Maybe it is part of the design to swing between ice-ages. People often refer to things being the worst “since records began” – but that record-keeping is all fairly modern.

On the other hand, the world’s population is out of control and consumption of everything has to be taking its toll. The global epidemic of swine-flu was perhaps foiled by science, but another time, humans may not be as well prepared. Things may re-balance in due course.

Mankind is inherently arrogant – building cities below sea-level, building nuclear plants on fault lines – it seems that when disaster strikes we know we should have anticipated it – but we underestimate the force of nature again and again.

My response? I have a vague and half-hearted green agenda. I hope that Scotland will go greener at a structural level. But I am too bound by laziness and selfishness. I used disposable nappies, I use my car daily and I buy imported food. I should have used “real” nappies, the bus and grown my own.

This is probably partly due to the fact that I worked after having children. So there’s a whole other eco-issue. If I stayed in the village all day, I could be as eco-friendly as I wanted, while looking up at the wind turbines on the horizon. Maybe “the good life” is the way forward – but I just don’t see that happening.

However, what I MUST do is make sure my children have the appropriate winter clothing this year… how much do I regret not buying those winter boots!? (They were £45, though… times three… *invisible calculator* …doesn’t bear thinking about…) And it took me three-quarters of the winter to think “WE NEED A SLEDGE!” by which time the country had sold out…

I will be better prepared this time.

And although humans are adept at messing things up, we can also adapt.


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4 thoughts on “Getting Into Hot Water

  1. Yes and yes, I couldn’t say it better myself. You are straight up candid and honest. Great points.

  2. Jackie Paulson Author on said:

    Hey I added you to my blogging buddies today, I hope you have a great weekend and please stop by my blog?
    Global warming is so real that we all need to (wake up) to it.

  3. theotheri on said:

    We live in the UK – England – too, and have been coming to terms with the unhappy reality that we may be losing the Gulf Stream that has given us a maritime rather than arctic climate.

    I do think we need to focus more on the fact that we are degrading the environment rather than on the fact that it is getting warmer. As you suggest, we are going to run out sufficient water and food, and possibly clean air, to support the human population.

    It has spiked dramatically in the last fifty years, and evidence from other species for as far back as we can see is that these spikes invariably are following by steep and dramatic declines.

    Interesting blog. Is there any place in it where you tell us anything about yourself?

    Terry Sissons: The Big Bang to Now

    • Thanks for the comment Terry – I have had a little look at some of your posts – and I intend to drop by it in future. “time” has turned out to be a recurring theme in my very unscientific blog. I love the concept. And the fact that we can’t really see around it.
      I have added a little more detail to my “About” page in response to the above.
      I don’t know if you got as far as my little poem “The History and Eschatology of Surprise” – but it might be your kind of thing… https://weescoops.wordpress.com/?s=eschatology
      Thanks for stopping by!

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