Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure


These are the three hypothetical bands I am of a mind to form – “Caged”,”Tess and the D’Urbervilles” and “The Red Herrings“:

1. “Caged”

A silent band in tribute to John Cage. You’d just have to stand there … *shhhh* …. until the gig was over. This band appeals to my longing for peace and quiet. Although I am wary of prolonged silence too. So it would be good for me,I am sure.

2. “Tess and the D’Urbervilles”

Perhaps not the best band for the entertainment at a wedding reception.  We would be better suited to be for muzak at a book group. Tess had a terrible time in that novel. She deserves a new career.

3. “The Red Herrings”

A band for random irrelevance, or the acknowledgement that style is subjective and therefore meaningless, in an absolute sense.

So, who’s in? And what will you play?


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