Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

The History and Eschatology of Surprise

Once upon a time

There was a big bang.


The world spins,

Reeling from creation.

Space spirals out of chaos –

Into control.

Omniscience trumps surprise.

The feather falls –

It’s anything but random.

The air swirls in strict sequence,

Determined to direct.

I can’t say I’m surprised.


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11 thoughts on “The History and Eschatology of Surprise

  1. Rickster on said:


    As a scientist I take issue with the opening stanza – as it is thought that time itself is a product of the big bang, so ‘once upon a time’ is not an appropriate way to start.

    But aside from that, I like it. :o)

  2. Is ‘time’ a product of the big bang or a human construct? Perhaps both are human construct?? Even if time were a product of the big bang it would be legitimate, surely, to use this when one is reflecting back, no?

    • Time totally exists. it is not a human construct. I think that God is outside it. I think that it is like we are on a monopoly board and God is above and beyond it.
      I LOVE time.

      • Rickster on said:

        Oooh. That brings out my inner amateur philosopher…

        I don’t believe that God can be outside of time. Love, Morality, Goodness, etc. – concepts that we use to define God – are all things that can only happen within time. Suppose I give to the poor – an act of goodness. If time is reversed I would be taking away from the poor – an act of badness. If time is removed there is no ‘action’ and thus no good or bad act.

        If God is in any way ‘good’ he must be within time.

      • Theologically do we not get away with this one because of Jesus being God incarnate – so God is considered to be outside of time (while those that worship and pray to him are within time), but in the mix of this he sent his Son to be within tim. Therefore Rickster is correct that God is within time – Christ took on the restrictions and limitations of humanity in what Christians would consider God’s ultimate act of goodness. Although important to note perhaps that it was a self-limiting act, inasmuch as God chose to be limited…. but perhaps that is not a true limiting??

  3. I love this post, this is so great. I love your style, really absolutely love it.

  4. Kirsty Bell on said:


  5. Back to the time thread…with God, a day is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day, so, yes, He does time, but at a different speed? Probably. His ways are not like ours. We actually measure time by the globe He set spinning, eons ago. We also measure circles by it. Also, He gave us commands in regard to the various days of the week. I think He works with us, on this, and understands our needs, our being mortal and having an actual time limit…

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