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Fashion Crisis: I need new glasses and have no taste. A wrong decision will have to grace my face for a few years. Generally I forget I wear glasses, then, when I see a photo of myself I always think I am looking a bit specky. Because of the specs.

I have been to the optician three times this week. I have tried on probably forty or fifty pairs and I cannot generate much in the way of an opinion. Before it became groundhog day, or I became the Miss Havisham of optics, the optician let me away with four pairs to choose from so I could survey my friends and family.

Reviews have been mixed.

First up, Purple. I wanted purple because of my lilac leather jacket that has been the cornerstone of my wardrobe of late. However, the purple glasses might be a bit ‘young’ for me. And maybe the lilac phase is on the wane. Perhaps Purple’s reign is over.

Next, Cow-Poo Green. I think they are good glasses, but there’s no getting away from the fact that they are the same colour as cow-poo. I don’t know if that’s the look I am going for.

Then there is Teal Teacher. I think the teal is quite sophisticated and a move away from the lilac. But the lens shape is perhaps a little strict and a stickler for correct punctuation… or something…
Lastly we have Pink Plastic. They are the most comfortable and have generated the most love AND hate from the pollsters.
So, purple, teal, green or pink?

The trouble with trying on new glasses is that you can’t actually SEE them. All a bit blurry.
I’ll sleep on it. Hopefully, in the morning, everything will be clear…

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12 thoughts on “Speculation

  1. As a specs wearer myself, I can certainly identify.

  2. Denise Lowson on said:

    Life’s much easier with contact lenses and I can see what I look like in my reading specs. Sympathize with your problem though. I do know of a couple of people who own 5 or 6 different frames. I could never make that many decisions and it was too expensive!

  3. Have you considered metallics? Gold or silver-looking frames? They go with everything. But color is really nice, isnt it! Whatever you pick, do tell us, and wear them proudly, because glasses can be just as individualized and special as you are! Be proud of your color!

  4. Hey, Friend!
    I pick mine because of the color that looks good on ME. Then it always blends with my best clothing, for which I also choose the colors by what looks good on me.
    I learned the color thing from a book by Carole Jackson, called COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL. It is so popular over here, it is in almost any library!
    Anyway, there also are books about which frames are best suited for your face shape, another big consideration.
    I took my artist daughter with me when I chose frames, and I listened to her and ignored my non-artistic buddies. You cannot please all the people, all the time. The artistic ones will know if it looks good or not.
    Or get the tiny ones with no frame, as they nearly disappear on the face…

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I took them to my book club and into work and the four pairs have been whittled down to two – it’s between purple and teal.
    However, I think that when I go back to the Optician at the weekend, I may not yet have decided.
    Will let you know in due course!
    And then I’ll need to think about sunglasses…

    • Oh, now you have me laughing!
      For sunglasses, just get really big, really dark ones, and tease your hair up a little, stuff you hands into your pockets, and walk with your head down, very determinedly! HA!

  6. So, the cow-poo green ones and the pink plastic ones have gone back to the shop and I have picked up another pair of purple ones and some funky metallics – brushed steel with red?!
    So, I will run these past the family and see how we go…

  7. Dorothy Russell on said:

    As a fellow sufferer, the last time I went shopping for new glases I took Petrina with me and she was a great help, unless of course you think my purple glasses are awful but I really like them and would probably not have picked them of my own accord. So speak to Petrina for an honest opinion! Still need to do the prescription sunspecs but they are just way too expensive.

  8. I like the purple. Teal is nice too but I think the purple would be a better fit for you.

  9. Hello all. I am now ACTUALLY in crisis. I just BROKE my glasses!
    So I really need to get a move on with my decision.
    However, I think the future is purple. I am swithering between funky/comfortable plastic purple and cool/metallic lilac.

  10. Glasses now bought and on face. Phew.
    I tried on a few pairs of sunglasses and then thought NO I cannot CHOOSE so soon after choosing these.
    I shall squint at the sun until I get a migraine.
    Then I shall choose.
    Thanks for all your wise counsel.

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