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Irritainment n. something so annoying, you can’t stop watching it/listening to it

There is plenty of irritainment around. Programmes about how to improve your home that take up so much of your time the housework and DIY remain undone. Or reality shows where the contestants annoy you – so you sit around on your couch, watching people sitting around on a couch. For hours.  Election result shows; “talent” shows; Top 100 shows… and the viewer cries: “What I do not want to watch, I watch – oh what a wretched viewer I am!….”

After suffering from these shows for years I decided to stop watching TV. Now I only watch BBC News and [H]ouse on DVD. Very freeing. I didn’t listen to music in the first place…

But the Daily Post asked for a post on Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga. As they are not featured in [H]ouse, they are outwith my frame of reference.


So saying, I have one relevant link with Lady Gaga (tenuous, though).

As you may know, I hate phones. And Lady Gaga has a song called “Telephone” and I like some of the lyrics:

Stop telephonin’ me

(stop telephonin’ me)

I’m busy

(i’m busy)

Stop telephonin’ me

(stop telephonin’ me)
We’re sorry the number you have reached is not in service at this time

Please check the number or try your call again

The rest of the song doesn’t really work for me though. I don’t like dancing either- but that’s a whole other post.


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4 thoughts on “Irritainment

  1. We no longer own a tv. . .it was sapping too much of our energy, and if there is something of interest we can watch on hulu.com, when it suits us.
    Liked your blog.

    • People today aren’t as bound as my generation was by the TV companies. People can choose. I think it is good – there isn’t that compulsion to just “see what’s on” that I remember.
      I wish we could get rid of the TV altogether sometimes, but not enough to actually do it. So well done.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. We’be been TV-free for years, too. We still have one, but it is a portable and we put it away in a closet, when we don’t need it. Mostly, though, we just watch videos and DVDs with it.
    I LOVE the word: irritainment! Did you make it up?

    • I didn’t make it up – it has been around for a while, but only within the not-quite-officially-a-word-yet bracket.
      There is clearly a market for it!

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