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Running Commentary

Went to the 10k feeling a bit naked. I had no keys, wallet, cash or phone with me.

I did have a bin-bag to wear which I was very glad of, given the humid yet not-altogether balmy weather. (And if you are still worried, I also had my running gear on- although, when I was looking for my shorts this morning , my son said, “I don’t think you’ll be needing shorts, Mum. Haven’t you seen the weather?” at which point my youngest looked out of my bed and said, “Do you have feet?”… Anyway…)

On the way in I got a lift (Thanks!) and we went the recommended way – parked at the Underground and got the shuttle-bus to the start line. Very efficient  – although clearly my geography of my own city is shocking. Totally disorienting.

Met some friends at the start line for the warm-up. It’s been a while since I did any aerobics and I was totally poorly coordinated, and I was a tad restricted with the bin-bag hampering my arm moves.

However, eventually the race was underway. Some residents had cups of water out for us and I was very grateful for the water on the go at the Sikh temple. There were drumming groups and pipers and randomers shouting out encouragements as we passed.

Far fewer people that I’d seen before bit the dust in Pollok Park. Maybe the speed bumps were better marked this year. “The hill” however seemed to be firstly, not the only hill and secondly, a lot more hilly. Luckily there were people shouting, “Nearly there!” from the sidelines.

As I tried to crank up my speed to do the last couple of K, I realised that I was in top gear already and there was no juice left in the tank. So I sustained a steady pace and made it over the line, dodging the sinister piles of sawdust…

I was glad to get my medal and glad to get my banana, glad to find some ghastly sports drink in my goody bag and glad to meet some friends again.

Then it rained. I fashioned my goody bag into a hoodie-cum-shrug and off we went

As predicted, I am in hobble mode now.


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4 thoughts on “Running Commentary

  1. Hope your feet are okay! I admire your stick-to-itness! Happy Mother’s Day to you from Tennessee! 😀

  2. Happy Mother’s day, belatedly. Congratulations!

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