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Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

I took this picture this morning after church – it is our church roof from the inside. The church is round and the ceiling looks like the inside of a pretty hefty and substantial umbrella.

The whole building is designed on a ’round’ theme – built in the 1970s – must have seemed like a good idea at the time…

This is a huge stone plinth which is the main cross in the church. A cross made of circles. And the lights (ruining my shot) are spherical also.

This was a banner designed for the year 2000: again blending the lines of the cross with the ’round’ theme.

I am not a fan of the building. In my lifetime the roof has had to be replaced twice. I would expect traditional buildings with precarious spires to have a “church roof fund” after a few centuries- but we have had such a fund twice already!

The church is built on the edge of a high cliff – overhanging at one side (it is meant to…go figure…) and it is incredibly windy, hence the problems with the roof.

The style of the 70s always bothered me. Even during the 70s I had an uneasy feeling that flared trousers were heinous – and I was right! Likewise, the circle thing doesn’t really work for me as far as church architecture goes. Watching the royal wedding showed the cross shape of Westminster Abbey really clearly with the camera panning down from the heights. I like it when theme, form and function work together.

The year I was getting married, our church was having its roof trouble, so I got married in the 1960s style church down the road. More traditional in shape but with some very 1960s stars painted on the ceiling. I think. It had a good aisle. So do we. Luckily it is straight rather than circular – the bride would never make it to the front!


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

  1. Ha! Funny though–church aisle that goes in circles–for the ever-repentant! And as a bride continues past the altar area, the groom has to catch her, like riding a merry-go-round, only in reverse, with the golden ring having to do the catching. Or perhaps the bride could just reach out and grab the ring as she goes round? Oh, you got me thinking!

    Maybe you can tell I finally got my Internet business really fixed? I hope this comment does not make you wish otherwise! 🙂

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