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The Future King and I

It is holiday season in Scotland. It was the Easter Holidays, then it was actually Easter, with holidays. Then it’s the Royal Wedding and we get the day off. Random.

I think the royal wedding will pass me by as I’ll be looking after my own children. The TV coverage starts at the crack of dawn and I think they’ll be quite far into a pile of Scooby Doo DVDs by the time of the “I do” part.

So, in honour of the Royal Wedding, here are my Royal Memories:

It was 1981, during the wedding of Charles and Di,  we were in Newcastle and there was a street party. My memories are bleached in the sun, filled with fluttering plastic union Jacks. When Diana got out of the carriage, the whole nation said, “Oh, no! The dress is crushed!” Then she got is name wrong – called him Phillip Charles Arthur George by mistake. Fair enough.

Then there was the Queen Mother. I saw her open a bridge once. I wonder how long she would have lived if she hadn’t been royal… I always felt a bit sorry for her as they would err on the side of over-maintenance.

The Queen – she’s good. I’m sorry that her children have such a tortured relationship with marriage. But she’s done well. Keeps the heid. And I like how she has managed to go through a sound-change. I think I am right in saying that she has altered her pronunciation of “loss”. It used to rhyme with “boss” and now it is closer to rhyming with “horse”.

And Phillip. Always entertaining to have a loose cannon on board.

Then there was Diana. Hounded to death by the media. I watched her funeral from beginning to end – not that I particularly  wanted to – but a posse of us woke up after a party and it was on. It was all very sombre until some Dimbleby or other said, “and look at that horse, with its bits jangling”, then it brightened up a bit.  And good old Elton John.

And Diana’s boys were wee souls at that. Robbed of their mother. And now William is to be married.

I went to St Andrews, like William – but we did not overlap – by a long way. And Kate’s hair is great. And at least there is no potential Camilla in the marriage. If he was about to marry someone else she would be the Camilla in the frame. So all good.

As I said, I probably won’t see the wedding. But I appreciate the day off!

I just hope she has a good day, a nice dress and that the paparazzi give her a break.


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6 thoughts on “The Future King and I

  1. This is a very enjoyable read!

  2. I remember the wedding, Princess Di was so sweet to look at, I felt for her and her death was so tragic. I lost my father to violence and the loss is so abrupt, I feel for her boys. I wonder how much William is missing his mom so close to his wedding day. She seemed like a nice mom. I hope as you do that the 2 kids enjoy their wedding day in between the millions of spectators. I can’t fathom that craziness. God bless them.

    • I think the craziness stops when you get north of England. England is gearing up for a day of partying in the street. Scotland is planning to sleep late and hope for sun.

  3. Oh, we just finished viewing “The King’s Speech”, made in that rich way only the British seem to know how to do, and was thoroughly impressed with that amazing monarch who overcame self in order to overcome Hitler. What a gift! Afterward, our daughter asked us about the characters’ relationships to people living now. That tiny daughter inherited that wondrous steadfastness and became your queen and I dare say, everyone else’s too. Here is hoping that William and Kate can make a good go of it. It’s not a very private thing, a royal marriage, and they are so young with so little good example before them, except for that wee one who grew up to carry on for her amazing daddy…

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