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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I took this pic last September at Lendrick Muir.



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. Wow, waht a beauty! I assume it’s real-live?
    What type is it? You do such an amazine job of photography. Where is Lendrick Muir, and how do you pronounce “Muir”?

    • Lendrick Muir is in Fife I think, you go to a village called Rumbling Bridge and then there’s a sign to the middle of nowhere. But, for the middle of nowhere, it is quite handy.
      Yes – it was a real live one – almost perfect, although it looks like a fairy has taken a bite out of it.
      As for pronunciation Muir is pronounced “myoor” – with the same kind of vowel as we use in “new” where Americans would say “noo”.

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