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The Point(s)

The Daily Post wondered what the point of it all was. I have three blogs, and here are their points: My daily blog is “Wee Scoops“. T.S. Eliot, in “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” says :

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons

In the bottle feeding phase of life, this idea inspired me to write this poem:

Coffee Spoons? No –

I measure out my life
in pink plastic scoops.
Breast may be best,
But formula is the formula:
It makes magic milk.

Stacked in a steriliser
Six minutes in steam.
O-ring, teat, lid and bottle,
Seven ounces of sterile water.

So seven scoops for seven ounces
A row of bottles hanging on the

Kitchen counter – That’s me-

Don’t put me off,
Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop.

Six times seven is 42
ounces of milk.
And a day.

Life, the universe and everything –
Measure for measure
Bottle after bottle
Day after day.

So, that’s how the blog got its name. I use this blog to follow the Daily Post suggestions in general, and any other random ideas that I come across. I hope to try out different kinds of writing and to find out what people want to read!

My second blog is “Forty Winks“. In it, I chart my way to the top of the hill, in the hope I can reach the “life begins” part before I’m forty. I have a few personal goals. I use this blog to explore my attempts to read, run, diet and give blood which were my resolutions this year. So far I am not doing too well!

The third blog is about my phobia of telephones. I hate them and long for the day when they are at last obsolete. I find myself explaining this irrational quirk pretty often. I have 38 years of material to get through so I thought I’d blog on it to try to process all the things I hate about phones. I have not got very far with this blog, but there is plenty more to come.

These are my purposes in blogging, but there have been many bonuses along the way – in reading others’ blogs. I have gathered domestic hints and tips, heard people’s stories of joy and angst, politics and religion, profundity and trivia.


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5 thoughts on “The Point(s)

  1. I felt the same way about turning 40 and the whole “life begins at forty”. I’m almost 44 and it’s not so bad. I think your blog is a stupendous idea because then you can go back and really see how your life as a writer began. I’m so glad that I get to read your posts, they are inspirational.

  2. Well, the phone blog is hilarious!

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