Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

The Men in the Den with the Hens

Crannies and nooks

For grannies with books:

Where nobody looks for the crooks with the chooks.

No hens in the pens:

The men in the den

Have stolen all ten once again. I know when-

They stole more hens before:

When they tore out the door

And they swore losing four, maybe more on the floor.

They decided to hide:

Open wide, jump inside

With a glide. They both tried to eat their eggs fried

Or broiled or boiled,

They were foiled. They were spoiled.

Hard they’d toiled, clothes they’d soiled, pans they’d oiled.

Of the ten of the hens

The men took from the pen

Only four from before laid eggs any more.

So they sat in the cranny,  fried them for their Grannies

And, in the nook, took a look at this book.


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2 thoughts on “The Men in the Den with the Hens

  1. This was fantastic! It was lyrical, flowed so nicely. You hit it out of the park.

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