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I Need To Get Out More

My son’s eyes lit up as we entered the cinema foyer. A pick’n’mix beyond the imagination, more popcorn that we had ever seen in one place; grab bags of everything high calorie. He decided to move in.

We were a bit early for the movie. About half an hour early. But the trip was full of novelty value for us both – I haven’t been to the pictures in YEARS. It was all different. I don’t know if that cinema was even built when he was born. I was very pleased I had successfully bought tickets online and managed to coax them out of a machine at the front door, before escalatoring our way to the foyer for “Screen 9”.

We were the only people there.

But we were early.

So we bought a round of pic’n’mix, two bags of popcorn (one sweet, one salt) and a cup of tea. The girl stood in the taking-tickets bit and we gave her them, she returned our stubs and directed us to the second door on the left.

My son heaved the door open to a dark passageway lit by a dim red light. He then heaved a second door open into complete darkness. I couldn’t see my feet. The tea was beginning to burn my fingers, and I hoped there weren’t any steps, or sudden changes in gradient.

As our eyes got used to the darkness, I could see two rows of pin-pricks of light and the topography of the auditorium became apparent. My son went up the stairs in the middle and we sat down. I fumbled around and found the cup-holder for the tea and we wired into the popcorn.

It was very dark.

It was very quiet.

We were very alone.

Unperturbed, we continued to eat and chat in the inky silence. It reminded me of that bit in the Matrix when everything is white and Keanu Reeves is talking to Laurence Fishburne (?) in a kind of ante-room to reality.

I began to wonder if we were the only people coming. I felt a bit bad that I’d gone for the 2D tickets – maybe everyone else was at the 3D showing?

At two-minutes to go – I thought: “No.” Something is afoot.

We picked up our belongings  – we had night vision by this time – and left the auditorium, stumbled into the blinding light of the foyer and re-counted the doors to find we had been behind the THIRD on the left.



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4 thoughts on “I Need To Get Out More

  1. Too funny! And I love that you can buy tea at a theater (or is it theatre?) and even find a cup holder for it. Wow.

    However, we do not have pic-n-mix here–educate me, please! Thanks! 🙂

    • Gladly!
      pic-n-mix: it is when you get a paper bag and a wee shovel. There are probably about 100 different … I want to use the word “hoppers” – but I don’t know what the real word would be – 100 different types of sweets (candy!) to dig out what you want and put it in your bag. Then you take the bag to get weighed, then they charge you for what you bought.
      You can get such delicacies as: gummy snakes, white chocolate skulls filled with strawberry gunk,gummy cola bottles, dolly mixtures, jelly beans, cola cubes, bon bons, foam prawns, astrobelts, chocolate covered everything you can think of… and everything else you can think of….

      And I was very relieved to get a tea before the movie. We had just been for a pizza hut buffet – always a bit dehydrating!

      • Tea after pizza! You DO love your tea! 🙂

        Thanks for the definition. As I suspected, we do have such, here, but have not developed that particular phrase for it. In fact, I do not know what we call it, but as far as I know, (and that’s not far since my children are grown and I no longer buy candy) we find this fun type of vending only in large candy stores, not at theaters. Last time I purchased from a large candy store, it was treats for a baby shower, and I bought gourmet jelly beans according to color, to match the decor of the shower. Ha!

        Thanks, again, and good day to you!

  2. I have done things like this so many times, my kids are actually surprised when I actually get it right. But we do laugh a lot.

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