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Feeding Fashion

Imagine the scene: you’ve just given birth. You had an epidural so you have a catheter. You are breastfeeding the infant. Look again. What are you wearing?

You brought a range of things to hospital to wear for the first few post-natal days.

Firstly, there are some pyjamas with a traditional button front for easy breastfeeding opening. But they won’t do because of the catheter going down your leg.

You brought a night shirt/night dress, which is good for the catheter, but to feed you have to be, well, pretty much naked.

You sit there feeling all kinds of uncomfortable to a series of new levels. Then the epiphany:

You need skirt-pyjamas with a traditional pyjama top!

This does not exist.

So you wear unsatisfactory night attire until you are free of the catheter.


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One thought on “Feeding Fashion

  1. You reminded me a my own dilemmas with regards to breast-feeding and keeping some semblance of modesty.

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