Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Scripting the Dream

In the dream…

I was a dog on chemotherapy.

Instead of IV drugs, it was high quality vanilla ice-cream that they used.

When I recovered, my owner took me on a budget airline, but because of me they had to pay extra and it would have been cheaper on a main airline.

I was allowed to sit in the cabin in seat 111: The year of my birth added to my age.

Everyone else was also seated in a seat numbered 111. The years of their births added to their age.

The entertainment began shortly after take-off.

I turned the volume control all the way to 11. Why 11?

Then I woke up…


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3 thoughts on “Scripting the Dream

  1. Interesting dream! Not that I put much faith in it at all, but sometimes I diddle around with numerology, just to see how it coincides with me personally, but perhaps you could look up the number 11 somewhere and just see what it says?

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