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Postaday 2011: Secrets? I’m Shtum.

I like to think of myself as pretty watertight as far as secrets go. Where I go wrong is when I am using an anecdote to illustrate something and then I discover afterwards that my listener was related to one of the people in the anecdote, or similar. Cringe. I try to be careful.

As for my big secrets…

Once when on holiday in Austria, I was kept up all night with my sister grilling me repeatedly , “What’s your deepest, darkest secret?… What’s your deepest, darkest secret?”… repeat to fade. I remember now what that secret was. I don’t think I ever told her. Probably just as well…

What should have been a secret that was hard to keep was my first pregnancy. But even I didn’t know I was pregnant until the first trimester was over…. bit slow on the uptake… so I never really had the chance to let that secret slip! Duh!

I am cooking some secrets just now. Watching them simmer in the background.

If you like, you can look under my hat – but the things I am keeping there are there for a reason – you really don’t want to know.

I’m saying nothing.




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5 thoughts on “Postaday 2011: Secrets? I’m Shtum.

  1. I really enjoy your use of language and how you decorate your scenes with words. Very visual, I like it a lot.

  2. Jackie Paulson 1966 on said:

    This post is very creative and I had the same exact idea. I think you and I have that in common. Our secrets are ours to keep. This blog is wonderful. I am so looking forward to reading some more.

  3. Hiya! Thanks for visiting the blog. Here’s a little pancake secret that I shared on the blog. It’s much easier than you think! 🙂

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