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Postaday 2011: Williams’ Words

As the Daily Post suggested, I reached for the nearest book and found my random sentence. I quite liked it:

I said, “Oh yes, I’ve always been blocked as a writer but my desire to write has been so strong that it has always broken down the block and gone past it.”

The quote came from the preface of this collection of Tennessee Williams’ plays that was sitting next to my bed. Not that “A Streetcar Named Desire” is bedtime reading. Nor is “Sweet Bird of Youth”.

Williams worked past his writer’s block to express the things he felt compelled to express and explore: the creation and isolation of monsters by tyrants; the destruction of poets and romantics; masculinity and femininity; insanity and cruelty – and the reality of Time as the enemy of all.

So, if you are ever suffering from writer’s block, why not board Williams’ Streetcar of a Desire to write, and follow the tracks through the blockage to say what you think needs to be said?

Not that things ended well for Williams. Or any of his protagonists, really…

What motivates you to write and get through writer’s block?

For the moment, the post-a-day prompts are working for me!


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3 thoughts on “Postaday 2011: Williams’ Words

  1. I find reading a really good book until I am inspired, then journaling, by hand, with a pencil, always works.

    • My handwriting has pretty much died these days. I only write by hand when listening to someone talk.
      I have had a tough time this year finding good books – but have recently read “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett which was great. Really thought provoking.

  2. Excellent post, choice and words. Inspirational to boot, daily post is doing it for us. I really enjoyed reading it. Laurie

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