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Pancake Carnage

How Wrong Can A Pancake Go?

My Postaday flow was interrupted by Pancake Day. As you can see it didn’t go so well….

Please drop by my Forty Winks blog and see the carnage as it unfolded….!


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4 thoughts on “Pancake Carnage

  1. If the pancake isn’t all black or breaks apart like toast, then I consider it edible! The ones on the right side of the picture don’t look so bad; I’d eat them! Some butter and Aunt Jemima syrup and I’, good to go! 😀

    • It’s the ones at the top of the picture I couldn’t believe. They looked like I’d drawn eyeliner round them or something. The ones you mentioned were ok, kinda.

  2. oh no!! a picture carries a thousand words and emotions.

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