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Measure for Measure

Postaday 2011: Hidden Talent – I Percuss

I don’t even know if that’s a verb.

My head is like a hollow wooden block. I can slap it and knock it and parp out any symphony you like.

I can play tunes by knocking on the top of my head with a finger or a knuckle. I can play tunes on my finger when it is in contact with my front tooth. My dad and I used to play Bach’s double violin concerto this way.

If I hold my nose, exhale loudly and trill my tongue I can make the exact noise of either a tractor or an out-board motor – dependant on how much saliva I swill into the mix.

In addition, if I bite my cheek and blow into it I can speak like Donald Duck.

I have many other equally inane/useless talents that I cannot bring myself to list. I just wonder what on earth I was trying to do when I found out I could do the things I can.


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