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Postaday 2011: Awakenings

When in bed, heavily pregnant, I imagined rigging up a kind of spit-and-pulley system, to turn me. I felt as if I was trying to sleep with a bottle from a water-cooler strapped to my front. The mistake was to try to turn over without facing down, and kind of rolling over the bump. This was far better than trying to kind of swing it over the top. With baby #1 I used to get up, go to the toilet, eat some cereal and go back to bed.

By the time I was heavily pregnant with baby three, had simplified this – resigning myself to nightly consciousness, but had a strict policy of staying in bed with my eyes shut until morning time. Then there was the breast-feeding phase. That was good. Got through lots of rubbish novels. I enjoyed them so much I used to feed the baby, put it back in its cot, and then finish my chapter. Sophie Kinsella kept me sane. I think. With a dash of J.K.Rowling.

Part of me thinks that I am coming to the end of the phase of being wakened in the night by children. If they are ill or have a random question, they still wake me up. But sometimes I get to sleep all the way through. Not very often. And from the time the youngest was two and a half – sometimes I get to sleep in! Like, to 9am!!…

People with older children say that you never really get back sleep-filled nights. Either you are obsessing anxiously about your teen, or waiting outside some venue or other in the small hours. Either that or your pelvic floor dictates a life of intermittent consciousness.

I am optimistic. But we shall see.


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