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Pretty or Smart? Anne of Green Gables on My Mind…

All I could think of was Megan Follows in “Anne of Green Gables”:

DIANA: Anne! You’ve got more nerve than a fox in a hen house.

ANNE: I don’t see any need in being civil to someone who chooses to associate with the likes of Josie Pye.

DIANA: You’re just jealous. ANNE: I am not. You take that back, Diana Barry!

DIANA: She’s jealous of you. Gilbert told Charlie Sloan that you’re the smartest girl in school, right in front of Josie.

ANNE: He did?

DIANA: He told Charlie that being smart was better than being good-looking.

ANNE: I might have known he meant to insult me.

DIANA: No, he didn’t.

ANNE: It isn’t better. I’d much rather be pretty than smart. But at least I don’t have to cheat like Josie does.

DIANA: She doesn’t have to cheat; she just does it because she’s a Pye.

Thanks to http://greengables.tripod.com/ I found the script, although it is probably embedded in my subconscious from repetitive viewing in the mid to late 1980s and beyond.

But as for the original questions – pretty or smart? I think I look tolerable, and I enjoy my mind. I think I have made more of my brain than I have of my appearance – so I reckon – on balance, I’d rather be smart than pretty, unlike Anne.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty or Smart? Anne of Green Gables on My Mind…

  1. I agree with you, not Anne. And I’m also pretty sure I can recite this and many other scenes from that movie from memory. Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Tales from Avonlea … ahh, now I have something else to buy on Amazon. :o)

  2. Yes,great movies. Except for the “continuing story” bit… I just liked it up to the bit on the bridge after she says he’s looking “very robust”…

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