Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Great Scotty!

I’d use a teleportation app to beam myself to wherever my far-flung friends had also beamed themselves. It would be like facebook places, but people would actually use it and go places together: cosy bars with real fires in the Scottish Highlands; street cafes in Oslo; shopping in London; catching a show in New York.

But actually, for me, going anywhere is a novelty. The slowest, coldest bus journey has enough entertainment to make the wait, the draught and the dirt-clad windows worthwhile. Even the last long haul flight I did wasn’t long enough for me to get my book read – I could have done with a couple more hours.

So maybe I wouldn’t download the Great Scotty App.

I think I’d get the Out-Of-BodyApp that would be close on its heels – where you get to leave your body living your life, and you get to slip away and do something else as well…


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