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What Would Sisyphus Do For fun?

As Sisyphus pushed the rock up the hill he had two problems: the effort required and the pointlessness of the task. Perhaps if the rock had been pushed up the hill for a reason, it might have been worth the effort. Or if it was easy, fun or satisfying in some way, perhaps he wouldn’t have minded doing it. But as it was, it was a terrible job.

For a job to be great, it needs to be good for the worker, and for the greater good also.

So, to figure out what the best job would be we need to ask: what action results in the greatest good AND what could be the most fun, satisfying and effortless activity?

Fun, satisfying and effortless: all I can imagine is sunbathing, eating and reading- self serving activities.

For the greater good, I can only think of the lives of those like Christ and Martin Luther King – lives of principle and self sacrifice.

So I don’t think that formula works for coming up with the best job.

Maybe then the best job is one in the middle of the spectrum – that it is fine for the worker and fine for the greater good. A nice wee job that gets something accomplished and pays the bills.

How dull.

I think any job can be the best job in the world. It depends on what people want to do or are compelled to do by their nature –  if these things are of benefit to the greater good.

If you leave my mother unattended, she makes jam.

If you leave my sister unattended, she organises charity events.

If you leave my son unattended he invents something.

The trick is to be paid for the thing that you can’t help doing.


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